Nimari Burnett is about to climb the ranking charts, not that ranking charts matter much because if they did he would be ranked higher already – why? Burnett, formerly at Morgan Park High School in Chicago, recently transferred to Prolific Prep in Napa, CA. This was not Nimari’s first time playing in California during his high school basketball career, last year he faced Moreau Catholic at Laney College as a freshman. This was his first time, though, many people saw him playing while being able to call the Golden State his home.

Nimari “Remember the Name” Burnett – or HoopLegend

On Jan 27th and 28th the Grind Session hosted the Crush in the Valley extravaganza and it was on this stage he did something that people haven’t seen in a long time…The sophomore guard played phenomenal on both days. On night one Nimari led Prolific Prep over Charles Bassey and Aspire Academy. He carries the load for his team – they are all in ridiculously good shape and play hard and well together, but Nimari is only a sophomore and he’s doing his thing on one of the top Prep Programs in the Country.

The Hoop Legend

On night one, at the half he was the leading scorer for Billy McKnight and the Prolific Crew with 13 points – showing off with numerous dunks, his feel for the game with spot on court vision, and ability to run a team despite the star power. Burnett finished the game with 17pts, 4reb, and 6ast. Not a bad coming out party following the Salesian and San Joaquin Memorial match up.

Burnett running up the floor vs Jeron Artest of Hillcrest – Photo by Sam Stringer

Sunday was day two and the Prolific Prep program was set to matchup against Hillcrest where he did something many people can say they have never witnessed, and if they have, they have not in a long time. From the tip Prolific went up 8-0 and 6 of those points came from three pointers (2/2) for Nimari. Burnett had 16 points in the first 8 minutes of the game on 3 three pointers, a floater, and 2 free throw from a technical foul on head coach of Hillcrest – all 100% from those spots.

Photo by Sam Stringer

He hit 2 more three pointers that half and 2 more free throws charting 21 points before missing his first basket which was a free throw from another technical foul on Hillcrest. Nimari finished the game with 29pts, 6reb, and 6ast. in a 101-76 victory of Hillcrest.

Check the video below for an exclusive look at him shooting 18 min of the first half at 100 from the floor including free throws (not pictured).

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 7.25.37 PM


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