Players, Coaches, and even Scouts have referred to Jack Kath as one of the deadliest three point shooters in the State…and he stands at 6’8. The Granada Matador is entering his senior season fresh off of an Adidas summer circuit with Team Arsenal 17U, catching cross court passes from Washington Bound Elijah Hardy and taking orders to let it fly from coach Kelvin Potts. One year ago, Kath held zero offers, unlike most who might just give up or continue being comfortable, he has dedicated himself to being a student of the game and has made major improvements. We saw Kath knock down 7 three-pointers last season in a single game, he topped that at the WCE Camp in Livermore held by Ryan Silver in May (2017).

Jack KAth 2018.jpg

Kath is unstoppable from three because of his ability to jab his defenders and keep them honest, his understanding for movement & relocation, and his confidence. What is exciting for Granada and not so exciting for their opponents is going to be Kath’s versatility on the floor. Be on the lookout for more than just shooting from Kath this season. He’s looking like a #CaliHoop All Star right now…


Last year he gave a talented Dublin HS a difficult task- check out his Junior Season Mixtape Below:


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